TaDa!!! Introducing the Kitz Living Foods healthy (and wonderfully tasty!) snack bars! Kitz Living Foods is the company that manufactures the TuGo bars for Doug English. Now we're proud to carry some of their own products too. These are healthy bars with luscious flavors, not too sweet, made in HAACP-certified premises, fully organic, vegan, non-GMO, allergen free, all the great things you want to hear about your food. Check out the product details here. They're available as single bars, in boxes of four and as an assortment of any four of the five bars, your choice.

We all know how hard it is to keep the kids away from candy and high calorie low nutrient snacks. I remember sending my childre to school with healthy lunches, only to find they had traded their carefully chosen foods for potato chips and candy bars. This is one dessert or snack that they won't trade away! And you won't have to feel guilty about letting them have a bar (or half of one) as an after-school snack.

I've been very slow to consider adding any sweetened product to our lineup, both because of sugar and also the added chemicals and preservatives in virtually all snack items. And honestly, most things are so disagreeably sweet that I don't know how people can eat them! I didn't grow up on this stuff, and I don't want to encourage anyone else to feed the usual supermarket lineup of snacks to their kids either. But I know many moms struggle with finding healthy snacks for their families, and I believe this is one product I can sincerely recommend.

A box of four is only $11.50, which compares well with the much less healthy options available on the grocery store shelves. That's a special price and it won't last forever, but we wanted to make it easy to try these. We're certain you'll like them.

Turmeric Life t-shirts are still available at unbelievable prices. How unbelievable? How about FREE? Buy any two 10-pack boxes of Tu*Go bars and get a free Turmeric Life t-shirt, as long as supplies last. Your choice of color, neck style and size (gold is available only in round neck). Just add the t-shirt to your shopping cart. When you get to the final checkout page, you'll see that the full cost of the shirt has been subtracted from the total.

Want a t-shirt by itself or with a different product? That's still a whopping 50% off! We want to move these out of here, so take advantage of the sale and giveaway while they're still available!

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