Happy Thanksgiving to all! As more than half of our staff members will be out of town over the Thanksgiving holiday, we have decided to shut down at roughly noon on Tuesday, November 21. The website will still be available for ordering (especially if you want to take advantage of the discount code for members of the Turmeric User Group, before it expires at the end of the month). But orders that come in after our mail and UPS pickups on Tuesday (around noon, usually) will not be shipped until Monday, November 27. Our Amazon listings will also be inactive during that period.

We hope you will all have a safe and enjoyable holiday.

Update on the Tu*Go bars! Many people have complained that the bars probably wouldn't arrive before the discount code expired. For that reason, we've decided to go ahead and allow pre-orders. The discount will be good until November 30, on everything on the website, not just the bars. Please understand, however, that we have not received the bars yet and do not know exactly when to expect them. We will ship in the order that we receive your orders, as soon as they arrive.

In the meantime, don't forget that the discount for Turmeric User Group members is good for everything on the website. Ask in the group if you don't know what it is. And if you're not a group member, we strongly recommend that you join, for science-based advice on turmeric and its use. See the link at the end to take you directly there.

Have you wondered about Turmericle, but weren't sure whether it was useful? We'll be happy to include a free sample in any order--just ask for it in the order notes. Or contact us via phone or Facebook and we'll send one out by mail. We have both one pound and eight ounce stand-up pouches (with a scoop included in each) and also a two-scoop size (sorry, no scoop included in those, not enough room in the bag). The two-scoop size isn't free, but will give you a better idea of how helpful Turmericle may be for you than the free sample size (which is only one tablespoon). Turmericle includes turmeric, black pepper, powdered coconut oil and resveratrol and is marketed for horses and dogs.

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