Beer Bites are here! (No, sorry, they don't have beer in them). They're the newest variety of turmeric bars from Doug English in Australia. The name grew out of their popularity in the Australian pubs, but you certainly don't have to consume beer along with them. They're subtly spicy and very very good, full of healthy ingredients like chia seeds, turmeric, coconut oil, dates, and more. Check out the product details!

Turmeric Life t-shirts are still available at unbelievable prices. How unbelievable? How about FREE? Buy any two 10-pack boxes of Tu*Go bars and get a free Turmeric Life t-shirt, as long as supplies last. Your choice of color, neck style and size (gold is available only in round neck). Just add the t-shirt to your shopping cart. When you get to the final checkout page, you'll see that the full cost of the shirt has been subtracted from the total.

Want a t-shirt by itself or with a different product? That's still a whopping 50% off! We want to move these out of here, so take advantage of the sale and giveaway while they're still available!

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